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About Us

About Us

When our company was first founded in 1990 the aim was to provide services and full fill the requirement of the vessels and to assign its capabilities to achieve safe sailing for seafarers .

Since our foundation, We have developed a new concept of perfection through putting all of our hearts and soul into what we do. Ew offer the shipping industry one of the most dedicated and quality aware ship supply services possible. As a member of the international ship’s supplier association (ISSA) and international (SHIPSERV) Al MalkiShipchandler is in a position to speed up procedure by using the global code of purchasing.

Year after years our services grew more reinforced and became more efficient thanks to the professionalism displayed by our staff. Their commitment and honesty, with which they perform their duties, have placed us as one of the most respected ship supplier in Saudi Arabia.

We put on top of our priorities tokeep an eye on whatever new and could be of interest to achieve gratification. This way we stay updated with the market status and stay in touch with the requirement of our customers.

We have curved the name of Al Malki Ship Chandler in the marine industry thanks to ous commitment, support and confidence of our clints, which on turn qualified us to start another chapter in our story of our success.

It is considered a specialty and privilege to be the sole supplier for the items that another supplier would consider being impossible to find. We certainly refuse to take no for an answer.

Our services cover all Soudi Arabia ports operating from four main location. Dammam, Rastanura, Jubail, Khafji, to serve and supply vessels calling on all eastern province port of Saudi Arabia.

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Performance is merely the summation of each group member's individual contribution. ... our most Able, Experienced, and Conscientious workers in the most central roles in a team

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General Manager

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Operation Manager
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